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Backwater Artists Studios,
05/02/15 - 05/03/15

'I read the news today, oh boy 
About a lucky man who made the grade 
And though the news was rather sad 
Well I just had to laugh 
I saw the photograph.'

A Day in the Life - The Beatles

'A Day in the Life' was an examination of what it is to document life, using traditional methods of life drawing juxtaposed with modern mass media and tabloid imagery.

The paintings on display raised questions surrounding painting from life/photographs, and experimenting with breaking the rectangular frame of a canvas. Opening up the wall to frame silhouetted figures which floated in space.

Taking one edition of a daily tabloid along with sketches made from the model; images were recreated in paint, blurring the lines of what was orchestrated and what was found. Is capturing a moment in time through careful observation and timely execution in the studio dependent on the source material or is the source material merely fuel to capturing the physical act of creating?

Billy Dante, A Day in the Life.jpg
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