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Black Mariah, 2nd Floor, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork.


This solo exhibition displayed cut-out paintings which were life size silhouettes confronting the viewer on a more present state. Directly inhabited the space, these figures blended the boundaries of painting and sculpture.

The floating angel figures framing the central triptych were freed of the isolating confines of the grey backgrounds. These bodies helped balance the inner interaction like a plus and minus, ying and yang. The central figures were together but separate, almost entombed in the cold grey frames standing but also flat on slabs like bodies to be examined. The male and female counter points with a middle figure appearing like a split section view of a body in repose at their feet.

'Deaths and Entrances' challenged the perceptions of our bodies as vessels and the levels of connection that we can make with other people. Posing questions about interior and exterior states of being


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