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Organised by Roisin Power Hackett and Ruth Kerr, and supported by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Studio 6 programme

Skeeze, is a word used by James Joyce in Ulysses, meaning 'to ogle' 

The word has since developed more voyeuristic and sexual overtones. Skeeze is the starting point for this experimental poetry series, drawing attention to the voyeurism of the audience's gaze. Rather than focusing on the performers Skeeze will turn the gaze towards the audience.The poetry at Skeeze will be both experimental and leaning towards the traditional. Poetry that crosses the boundary into live art and theatre. Poetry that uses visual as well as aural elements. Cut-up poetry or comic poetry that actively engages with the audience will be performed. Skeeze aims to challenge the audiences preconceived idea about what poetry can be. 

First Skeeze, Tuesday 26th July, 7pm - 8.30pm
Performing: Billy Dante, David Hynes, Róisín Power Hackett, Daniel Wade

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