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Butts and Cracks - MART Gallery


Butts and Cracks is an exhibition of paintings that delves into the gaps in society and exposes the beauty in observing that which has been neglected and overlooked. So much of our world fades into the background, the backdrop to the stage on which we stand. This work shifts the spotlight onto the backdrop and poses a question; does beauty lay in a moment considered? Glare upon the painted marks that are supposed to govern how we move as they merge with dirt or remove the blinkers that help us ignore the shadowy aspects of life. If we stop and really examine the imperfections, there is an empathetic consideration for what is around us in all its truth. This awareness of the cracks is beauty because there is a crack in everything, that is how the light pours through and life grows in the brightness.

Butts and Cracks MART 2020 Poster.png
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